Loser of the Week

Loser of the Week
October 16, 2014

I'm invisible to everyone around me. I briefly appear when somebody wants something from me ; then I fade back into the background of a million other peoples' lives and loves. I guess im just a piece of unwantable crap and i should get it through my head no women on the face of the  earth REALLy wants to be in a realtionship with a mutant like myself. Feel like crap on the bottom of everybodys esle's shoes. Made so many mistakes; and made a complete fool of myself when i ever have tried to get a women to be my lover. I understand now. I'm shit.

  1. loserlord loserlord said: I feel the same buddy, always visible with such importance when people need me, And by the end of the day I am just a lonely loser
  2. 7YearsGone 7YearsGone thinks you're a loser
  3. bigstupidpooper bigstupidpooper thinks you're a loser
  4. RejectBastard RejectBastard thinks you're a loser
  5. Loohooser Loohooser said: Think there could be a reason why you want to fade into the background. Find it.
  6. LameyNamey LameyNamey said: I honestly didn't mean to click the "L" button. I can't figure out how to "unclick" it now:( I don't think you're a loser. You just seem lonely and bummed out - like me.
  7. LameyNamey LameyNamey thinks you're a loser

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