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November 25, 2013

Kind of just wasting oxygen really. I'm doing two semesters over because I failed a 3-year degree, so now it's a 4-year degree.

  • I have no money
  • My parents hate me for taking their money
  • I'm depressed and socially anxious
  • My meds don't really work
  • I sit in my dorm whilst people are partying in the commons room and can't join because I'll ruin their mood
  • I haven't had a proper conversation for over a year
  • I don't really know what to do with my life
  • Never had friends
  • Don't know how to make any
  • The opposite sex prettymuch ignores me, and if it didn't, I wouldn't know what to do
  • I'm failing my degree... FOR THE SECOND TIME
  • I have tons and tons of opportunities but can't make use of them because I fail socially
  • I sleep late and fail to get up to go to classes
  • I don't understand my classes when I go
  • I have an assignment due in 6 hours that was set 7 days ago and am using my time to write THIS incoherent loser post
  • I'm skinny and unfit
  • I'm overwhelmed with my whole situation

  1. EpicFaiLURE EpicFaiLURE said: im almost same as u .. but im 25

January 13, 2013

I feel like I'm a total loser because I feel totally worthless.

I love writing, I love to help my friends, and I love being me.

Saddly, I suck at doing all 3 of those things. I can't write fanfics or fictions worth a shoop and when I try to help a friend I feel like I've done nothing.

I'm also a loner who loves Youtube gamers and roleplaying. I seem to get picked on a lot at my current school for liking stuff like that. Oh! did I ever say I love Yoai too :D!? I'm knowen as a freak at my school for that.

I even got one of my mangas taken away because the school didn't approve.

I might feel lot better about myself If I just moved out of his city.

I'll still be a loser. But I don't be a depressed loser :).

September 12, 2011

Well I was talking to my friends. I had my lanyard (which is connected to several pointy and hurtful objects like car keys) tied to one of my belt loops and I was twisting my body and swinging my arms while slinging the lanyard around because at the time I thought it was fun. Well soon enough, that lanyard swung around and hit me in the apricots. I fell to the ground in agony as the pain of the horrible falcon punch my lanyard decided to throw at me, consumed my whole frikin' body. My friends laughed and I... well was NOT laughing. True story... I'm such a loser. XD